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Type: off-shore
From appl. to finish: 4-6 months
Capital requirement: $25,000
Monthly expenses: from $7,000
About: Rapidly becoming most popular off-shore license

South Africa


Type: on-shore
From appl. to finish: 3-6 months
Capital requirement: n/a
Monthly expenses: $7,000
About: G20 country, offers flexibilities for global brokers



Type: on-shore
From appl. to finish: 9-12 months
Capital requirement: $135,000
Monthly expenses: from $50,000
About: EU license, remains most sought after license globally



Type: off-shore
From appl. to finish: 9-12 months
Capital requirement: $50,000
Monthly expenses: from $8,000
About: Most popular off-shore license for FX/CFD brokers

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Obtain a new Forex license for your brokerage business in the best jurisdictions.

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How To Get A Forex License?

When securing a forex license, the first step is to select a jurisdiction that will provide the best environment for your business to thrive. At, we offer a range of the best Forex jurisdictions available right now, with a particular focus on offshore destinations. Simply browse through our available locations and don’t hesitate to reach out to our specialist team for advise.

After choosing the best jurisdiction for your Forex business, you can either buy an existing company that already has a Forex license (the fast way), or you can apply for a brand new Forex license (the best way). specializes in both new and existing licenses and is ready to make the process of obtaining a license for your business easier and faster than ever.

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Comprehensive Solutions

End-to-end services for obtaining a new forex license or acquiring an existing licensed company.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Our local partnerships enable us to provide the most affordable and fastest Forex licenses industry-wide.

Globally Connected

Our vast network of officials and partners provides up-to-date regulatory insights in multiple jurisdictions.

Client-Centric Approach

Your needs come first. We strive to develop custom solutions that meet any business objectives.

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